The not-so great side of BF

I came across this post  several days ago, bawled my eyes out a little bit, and couldn’t not share this with you guys.

Staying true to my science-research nature, I always acknowledge when there is strong evidence regardless of what I personally believe. And the story in this article is impossible to dismiss.

What I don’t understand is – why did the baby have to suffer for 3 weeks, before something happened? Aren’t there more tests that can be done, rather than the “let’s see if it clears up” method?

Or is it really not that big a deal?

And from the research I’ve done, and the friends I’ve asked: apparently this is a pretty common occurrence! Sometimes it’s dairy, sometimes it’s not… I’m terrified and forming some kind of bizarre conspiracy theory in my mind that the government is adding junk to our food to make our babies suffer =(

Hi! I am a very fortunate mom to now TWO adorable little boys who have taught me so much already. I started this blog after becoming exhausted from sifting through all the conflicting information out there dealing just with pregnancy and childbirth. I wanted to do the research, evaluate the scientific worth of the information and condense it for other time-deprived moms like myself!

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  1. Hi there. I’m the mom who wrote the blog post you linked to and wanted to offer you a few words of encouragement…what my article doesn’t mention is that my daughter grew out of the allergy within less than a year. She’s perfectly fine now and has no issues with dairy or anything else. Cutting dairy from my diet wasn’t easy but it wasn’t impossible either.

    To answer your question about why did she have to suffer for three weeks – I only saw blood in her diaper once…the other weeks we actually had to test it to see if there were still traces. This minimal amount of blood wasn’t a huge concern from my pediatrician because these types of allergies are super common and she was fairly certain that it was an allergy and wanted to rule that out before sending us to a GI specialist.

    Hope you and your little one are well and I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to email me if there are any questions I can answer.

    • Natasha

      Oh my goodness!! It’s so great to hear from you!
      Because we are now actually going through the same thing, I feel like I might have jinxed myself or something.

      How did you know that your daughter had outgrown the allergy? Did you just check every now and then?
      Thank you so much for reaching out!!!!
      I am bookmarking your blog!

      • I dropped this comment and completely forgot to check back! To answer your question, we just cautiously tried giving her the things that I had cut out of her diet and she didn’t seem to have any issues. Just one allergen at a time to see if she had any reaction. We waited until after a year old to give her cow’s milk. Luckily no issues.

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