10 lists you don’t see floating around

Where are these pinterest posts and Facebook feed links?

1. Top 6 ways to make your kid’s iv less painful

2. DIY o2 monitor that’s not scary

3. Handmade blood pressure cuff that really feels like a cuff

4. Toddler meals for the sick child with no appetite.

5. 10 ways to deal with all the health advice of holistic cures

6. Some not snarky comebacks for people who have had random weird ailments and keep telling you to get those checked for sure because you know, if your kid is about to get an MRI there’s still a chance they missed appendicitis…

7. What to say to the parents of a hospital tot.. (maybe stay tuned for this one)

8. Hospital room hacks (maybe stay tuned for this one too!)

9. Wtf hospital moments (why not, this one will be fun to put together)

10….  I don’t know. I’m all out. Sorry.


Sorry, don't have the source. I wanted to post this to instagram today, but – figured people would take it more with offense rather than humor..

It’s never lupus

It has been over a month since we’ve attended a playdate. Or went to the park, or watched planes at the airport, or danced like fools to our beloved “Salsa Tequila” song…
Our little man (the older of the two) has been sick…
For a few days there I thought this nasty fog that has enveloped our household was starting to lift. But no.
I was really hoping this all would pass and I wouldn’t even need to write about it, I hate negative, whiny or sad blog posts. But – it’s been too long, and – I can’t really think about anything else.

The doctors (and there are now multiple, and we are going to see another specialist today) don’t know what’s wrong… It doesn’t quite fall into any category and every test we do just helps us rule out what it isn’t, but doesn’t suggest to us what it is.
The worst part of it all – I think my son no longer trusts me. :(

It has been so so hard. My mom has had to miss 2 of her flights back home – she came to help us move and she got seriously stuck here…
It was working out well for a while – I had the baby and she had the tot. But now he wants her for everything and if I just come in the room – he tells me to get out and screams :(
Oh, and all those asking how he’s dealing with his little brother – yesterday he was telling us to put him in the trash :/ he gets upset when grandma or dad hold the baby, apparently – that’s only my job and that’s my only job I guess.
He is also now terrified of going anywhere in the car – because that’s how we get to the doctor’s office where they do blood tests and pry him out of grandma’s arms so they can examine him…

What’s wrong with him? It has been almost a month since he’s had a fever. It started with a week of “low grade” fevers, but he was fine overall. We took him to a doctor, we were told it would soon pass. That night his fever spiked and he started complaining of pain in his leg and screaming if anyone tried to touch him… His fever stayed high, we went back, they said – it’s probably a virus and should clear up in a few days, after he gets some sort of rash. No rash. No appetite. And suddenly – the joyful, energetic and spirited baby we all knew didn’t even have enough energy to sit up on his own. For almost a week we had him on round the clock motrin, which he now hates taking too. That helped the fever and the pain, and we would even see a glimpse of our old rascal coming through – which only made me realize just how sick and miserable he must be! Now the fever seems to be gone but he is so weak, refusing to eat and complaining of pain again :(

His little leggies that used to be so strong and fast are now so skinny! :(

His face has developed this new permanent expression of pain and apathy. This two and a half year old that couldn’t even sit to watch cartoons for more than 15 minutes now can just stare at the wall for a half hour.. Breaks my heart!

And I just feel sooooo guilty :( guilty that I’m not the one by his side, helping him get through the night. Guilty that I can’t give him my full attention. I feel guilty for loving my second child because that means I have to love my first a tiny bit less. I feel guilty before my second child – none of this is his fault! But it’s like – I have to choose and either way – I always lose.

A friend of mine had a situation – her youngest was born with serious health issues and the older brother went to live with grandma for a while… I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been! But her situation gives me hope because now – everyone is OK and they’re all together and the two boys are successfully driving her crazy.

I find myself wishing the younger one to grow a little faster – so they can play together. But he deserves to be a baby! And I deserve to get to enjoy this time with him!!
These are the things that no one ever tells you about having two kids close in age (or maybe they do but I had refused to listen, and not like it would have changed my mind).

There was a period of time in all of this when the reality we lived in contained the possibility of leukemia, or some. chronic bone/joint disease. At least that’s over. And we also know it’s not lupus…  Which is a little bit ironic – we encountered the show House MD on our honey moon,  and of course we were hooked. But I never wanted to actually live in it!!


Reason #5027 why it’s overwhelming to be a parent

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored or informative post. It’s just for fun… 

I bet no one ever thinks of this one during pregnancy. But once the baby is here, it aaallll starts!

THOSE DAMN WIPES! If there’s one extra thing you need making your head spin.

In this day an age the wipe situation is just ridiculous. There are wipes for everything. Wipes for baby’s face, wipes for baby’s face full of boogers, wipes for baby’s hands, wipes for mom hands, wipes for baby’s butts, wipes for pacifiers, wipes for your boobs (not sure about this one). There are wipes for cleaning your breast pump, there are also Lysol and Clorox wipes which you will immediately start using after having a baby, if you already aren’t – because of course, babies need to live in sterile houses (but the real reason is – Ain’t no body got time for any kind of deeper cleaning, right?). You see, this is why my diaper bag is ridiculously huge. Because what if we’re at the park, and my snotty kid needs a diaper change and then wants a snack (that’s at least 3 different kinds of wipes right there!). And I don’t want to be a bad mother! I love these guys! What if I’m depriving them of something by not using the right kind of wipe in the correct place during the appropriate scenario? I’m sure this is somehow linked to IQ and sexual performance later on in life. They’ll blame me forever!

There should also be “public transportation” wipes. A long time ago a friend of mine told me she took the bus to work, now – this was not anywhere near SF, so my face reflected my surprise. She rushed to tell me that it was a fancy kind of bus, not the “hepatitis” bus. So – clearly these wipes need to be able to handle at least hepatitis.

Going on a plane wipes, riding the bus with hobos wipes… Fast-food restaurant wipes, ball pit wipes (those are just a separate category of killer clean)..

This is why I can never participate in those “what’s inside your diaper bag” things – firstly my bag is HUGE and full of crap and I know you’re all going to judge me for the lack of cute chevron-covered containers. And secondly – what if I don’t have every proper kind of wipe? I’m sure you’ll judge me for that too!!! =) Because no matter how many mom-blog articles are going to circulate on facebook about “oh, let’s stop judging!”, that’s all we ever do! We judge each other to make ourselves feel better because we are sure someone is constantly judging us. Am I right?

And then men come into this whole situation, and they can’t tell a butt wipe from a forehead wipe and they just make our heads explode with their one question of – “why does it matter?”, and you’re all like – “but, but.. I spent all of today’s naptime on amazon, figuring out what kinds of wipes we need!!!”. That’s what men do, huh? No respect for the plethora of baby products!

Oh, and if you want to talk about your basic baby wipe – for the diaper changes – there’s a bajillion of those too. And if you look any deeper into it (maybe this is just because I’m in California.. ?) – you can never use the regular baby wipes because they’re part of a conspiracy theory designed by the government, laced with chemicals, meant to make your baby dumb..

You know what my mom used to do? (And her mom, and her mom and…) If the kid had a dirty butt – you stuck it under the faucet and washed it clean. The end. But you see – in California we’re currently in a crazy drought. I guess that’s why we need all these wipes. Now it’s starting to make sense!

Hi world!

My my, it’s been a while, huh? This time has gone by fast on my end though, we have been quite busy!

Since I was last here I’ve managed to

  • turn another year older
  • get a new address (which involved all the beauty of packing ALL our stuff and moving with TWO little humans)
  • unpack to where I feel about 80% settled in! (Which is actually a whole lot if you think about it!)
  • Baptize our second son, after lots and lots of thoughts and ponderings regarding my views on religion.
  • oh and finally start realizing my life long dreams of gardening!

That’s pretty much it! I’m sure most of you follow me on instagram so – none of this is really news, huh?

Now I’m finally ready to start putting some ideas out there for you guys! Something I’ve been thinking about – I would love a co-blogger or a regular-guest blogger if anyone is interested! I’m not much of a “lifestyle” blogger if you haven’t noticed – always trying to learn tips and tricks from others rather than thinking I’m so ace at it to be teaching you, and my laziness and overall desire for minimalism (that probably stems from that laziness) doesn’t lend itself well to the “lifestyle” blog format. So please – holllaaa! ;)

And another question/request – I often wonder about how other momas structure their days/weeks. So I’d like to start a series – “A day in the life of mom”, especially with mother’s day coming up! So – if you’d like to participate before I have to reach out and ask you – please do!

Out for now. Happy Spring and Happy Earth Day!

this is how we do it! #earthday


Let’s close out the shot talk

And with this I plan on closing the topic of vaccines here because honestly – what more needs to be said?

Unfortunately, again – this is not a question natural selection can solve because here – the, I’m sorry, but I will use the word stupidity – of others doesn’t lead them to have lower survival chances. It actually endangers the rest of us, and not just us but our very young kids and elderly parents. The people that we would rip someone’s throat open for. So clearly – this is a hot button issue. But obviously nothing I say is going to change these people’s minds. So I will just ease my frustrations by sharing this great video and close this chapter.

Go vaccinate your kids!