Too cute!

Long story short – I taught my mom how to use Pinterest (whoohoo!!) and she sent me this:

So adorable! My heart can’t take it!

At our house it’s more of – “don’t try to rip the dog’s nose off!!! Don’t shove your hands down his throat!! Don’t drag him by his paws…” you get the picture =( But sometimes they have some sweet moments too. Little N has even invented a game to play with the dog. First, he begs me for a cookie (these oatmeal cookies from the Russian store, who knew – he loves them!) and then he runs up to the dog, but pretends like he’s not actually running up to the dog. Makes sure the dog sees that he has a cookie, and then starts running away and squealing with delight as the dog gets closer. If the dog ever loses interest – little N comes closer and closer and may even wave the cookie in his face.

So far the game has had 3 endings:

1- most common. The dog finally gets the cookie either when N isn’t looking or when the dog’s patience simply runs out. Of course we are all then subjected to yelling, crying and begging for another cookie.

2 – happened once: him and the dog kept fighting over the cookie. So I broke the cookie in half and gave each of them their share. The dog was happy, little N was not.

3 – also happened once: the dog lost interest, N was running around with the cookie for so long, he forgot what it was for and started playing with something else. Everybody wins! =)

Raising happy kids

I’m on this big kick about living in a world of over-information. In short: basically that daily we are consuming more information than our brain is capable of processing, while maintaining health in all the areas of our lives, and most of that information is not necessary to our well being. Therefore I want to protect you from having to read lengthy posts, and share with you, what I think is quite meaningful info, presented in picture form! (Because that’s worth over a thousand words!)

Concise, precise and nice – as one of my professors used to say!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.58.55 PM

(click the image for the full scoop!)

Thank you? -Mom

There was a lot of talk about this commercial.

And of course it’s sweet and adorable, and what we all want to hear every now and then.

But P&G isn’t the only company doing this. Seems like – the bigger the company, the worse they behave in the global scheme. I remember Matel and a couple of other big guys were destroying forests in Brazil at an alarming rate to make cardboard for their packaging. (Big reason why I LOVE LOVE these guys!)

But of course it’s hard sometimes – especially when these big guys do everything they can to move the competition out, and if they can make their products cheaper than the more environmentally friendly stuff – we’re all moms operating on a budget first, and potential environmentalists second (if not fifth?).

If you can just keep this in mind and pass it on – that already will be making a difference!


Are you being the best parent you can be?

Hi all, it’s me! =) Again.

So, my restless behind decided I wanted to take a couple of classes, just in case I want to get into a Master’s program or something. (Hello rethinking life and a whole plethora of emotions- I want to be a good example for my kids, but then I want to be there for my kids, etc. etc. etc. )

Now I’m not so sure, but I’ve already paid so I gotta get my monies worth. And as for the emotional turmoil – it concluded with me having intensely happy days. Because now I just appreciate this so much more! And I’m not thinking about being somewhere else, doing something else, or – “when this gig is up, I’m going to do this and this”. It’s so freeing! I don’t know what was wrong with me before!

One class that I’m taking is Developmental Psychology. It’s basically a class on – how not to be a crappy parent. Although I’m sure Children Psychology would be even more applicable. Main point of the class so far – being a parent is the biggest responsibility anyone ever had in their life. We’re all messed up because our parents messed up but we can’t blame it on them because we’re old enough and smart enough to work on ourselves and change ourselves. So no complaining! – Which has always been my position anyway. But now I know what are some potential mess-up areas out there.

The hard part is – one way isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s, of course, subjective. My main goal for my child is that he grows up to be happy, and there’s many different ways of defining that.


Do you talk to your child for more than 7 minutes a week?

It sounds like a really ridiculous statement. But – even now I sometimes find it hard to put down my phone. I don’t even realize it sometimes. Just an email here, a text there, but – real life goes by!

Happy March!

Hi all! I have lived 18 and a half of the happiest months of my life with this little boy already!

I’m still very much alive! Just – focusing on the day to day challenges. Reading books, cooking foods, walking dogs, bathing boys… administering naps and waiting on the last two canines. You know how it goes.
I’ve been reading on some psychological and social development of kiddos, which made me realize that – he should be talking by now. And not just b-ka, m-ka to where I can guess what he might be referring to. It’s supposed to be up to 2 word sentences! And he should have at least 50 words in his vocabulary! Being that he’s already hit 18 months.
So now we’re kind of all about language here. I’m not letting myself get too panicked because I was expecting this – since we are trying to introduce him to 3 languages at the same time and multi-lingual kids always have a delay in speech. But still, you know?
Fortunately he is just starting the phase when he is repeating things, so now it’s time to really clean up our language.

And in general – every day is a learning experience for both of us. For him – obviously, because he is a kid, he’s learning how to brush his teeth and take his clothes off, and how to climb up on the chair so he can then climb up on the table. And for me it’s – what is he going to be interested in today? And what can I do to keep him from getting into the dangerous trouble.
A week ago or so I posted a picture on instagram of my little man covered in yogurt during breakfast and the feedback I got was – moms in shock and how they wouldn’t be able to handle that with their kids. Which made me wonder – am I being too lax or are they being too strict? Ultimately I don’t care about them – that’s their business, and I also think I’m doing just fine! I believe in learning experiences and not freaking out. It does feel pretty cool to squeeze yogurt in your hands! Come on! Like when you go to the grocery store and they have the barrel of beans (or is that just in Texas? I don’t remember seeing any in California) and you always want to just come up and stick your hand in there? Well – why not do it??? What horrible thing is going to happen because of that? I’ll tell you – NOTHING! =) If it’s fun and it’s safe – I approve. That’s our rules.
And when it’s fun but not safe and I see it – I’ll gasp and I’ll say NO!!!! And then he just drops is and flings his arms up – like I am a policeman that just caught him handling drugs in a back alley and he’s about to tell me it’s not his. =) Cracks me UP!
Is it annoying when other people tell you about the funny stuff that their kid does? I guess it kind of is, sorry =\
Well, what did you expect, this is a baby blog after all!

P.S. I’m on the lookout for an awesome not arm-and-a-leg-and-kidney costing toddler armchair. So if you have any suggestions – please send them over!

Clearly, he’s ready!