Let’s close out the shot talk

And with this I plan on closing the topic of vaccines here because honestly – what more needs to be said?

Unfortunately, again – this is not a question natural selection can solve because here – the, I’m sorry, but I will use the word stupidity – of others doesn’t lead them to have lower survival chances. It actually endangers the rest of us, and not just us but our very young kids and elderly parents. The people that we would rip someone’s throat open for. So clearly – this is a hot button issue. But obviously nothing I say is going to change these people’s minds. So I will just ease my frustrations by sharing this great video and close this chapter.

Go vaccinate your kids!

Cool stuff from Boobie Palooza!

This past weekend yours truly, with the littlest one in tow, went to Boobie Palooza! I asked my husband if he wanted to come along, and I guess he was just so disappointed that it was not at all what he initially picutred… You know – with a name like that. =)

But it was an event for future/new/still nursing mothers, and if you weren’t nursing – I don’t think you would have felt excluded. Lots of cool local resources, new products and interesting information! Here are some of the fun things that I learned:

1. There is a pumping/nursing bra out there, that is comfortable and and is actually aware of the fact that those ounces of milk that are in your boobs pre-feeding make your boobs decrease in volume as they leave. You start out with D+ melons and end with something between really really old pears and soggy tissues, am I right? And that’s every feeding or pumping. So this bra actually adjusts in size so you can have proper support pre and post feed! (and it’s also available on Amazon!)

BoobyPalooza 2-15-111-X3


2. The wonderful lady that created this taught me that no matter what they say about it, all dads that end up in a bed-sharing arrangement report a higher level of bonding and closeness with their child regardless of what they say about co-sleeping. She also planted the thought in my brain that perhaps I should become a parenting coach?

3. The Ollie swaddle is definitely worth a try. So simple and yet no one has thought of this yet! And such a heart warming story!

4. The people from The Spoiled Mama are amazing! Last time I saw them at an event like this – I thought their idea of the “nipstick” was awesome, this time I finally got one myself! The owner, Tamara is so nice and fun! She was telling me how her kiddos, even after they are done breastfeeding, use it for cuts and booboos and what not. Well, I use it for chapstick and I am hooked! =) I was really surprised at the consistency of it! I didn’t except it to be as soft and gentle as it was. Amazing!

5. This isn’t really one that I learned because I already knew it. But – check out how cuuuuute my baybay is! =)




6. Oh yes, almost forgot! Perhaps you knew this already, I’ve been seeing it around the internet before but this actually made me look it up – have you heard the term crunchy mom? My thoughts about it deserve a post of their own, but yeah, I didn’t know it was an actual thing so – I learned that. =)


Oh wise internet, show me the answer.

After a week of flying solo and keeping two little humans alive there is one issue that I just don’t know how to deal with. How can I effectively get my two (and now – a half) year old to.. shut his mitt, bring the volume down on his vocal chords???

Oh dear little man. I get it, you get excited, I’m a cool person to be around and sometimes you can’t contain it. And you know – you’re growing, your brain is wiring, sometimes you can’t deal with the small disappointments in life and it overtakes you. Sure. I can deal with oh, so many things. Spill stuff on the floor I just washed, dirty up the clothes I just pulled out of the laundry, throw around everything I just folded, refuse a single bite of the dinner I cooked, DON’T EVER let me go to the bathroom by myself, pretend I don’t exist when I’m asking you to clean up your toys, … all that – I’ll take, ok. But – when I just finally got your little brother to sleep – and you keep yelling after I’ve asked you not to 3 times and sent you to a time out for it… I’m left to chose between a roll of duct tape and taking you to IKEA for half the day, dropping you off at their play place thing and enjoying 15 cups of tea upstairs while I sit by the window in that cafe and look at cars drive by. (Actually, the Emeryville IKEA has a gorgeous view!)

You know what, maybe I’ll do that! I’ll put it on the agenda for next week! Because that has got to be cheaper than joining that posh gym with the awesome childcare room.


P.S. Stupid neighbors upstairs – apparently you have a better baby monitoring system than I do because somehow you always know EXACTLY when I get them both to sleep. And that is when you start your stompathon. The walls shake, the lamps swing back and forth… I swear to whatever deities you worship – if I wasn’t so exhausted – I’d march up there and break your legs so you don’t stomp anymore, or at least throw a cold drink in your face – so you’d experience some degree of discomfort. But that would also be setting a bad example for my kids.

P.P.S. I guess my true question to you mamas is – how the hell do you get this frustration out – when you can’t drink? Or if you can – how do you not become an alcoholic? I don’t want to turn crazy!!!

Haha, look at you behind the glass! What’s that? OH! CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!! =)

I love my kids to bits, of course, but seriously!

The universe in you

Tonight I was just staring at the person that I produced most recently, as I know all moms do, and I had this thought. It’s a bit out there like most of my other thoughts, so bear with me.

You know how there is something alien about babies when they’re first born? The way they look at everything and respond to things.. And if you’ve ever seen a person nearing the end of their life – it is so similar to that. Well – what if we all do come from somewhere else, and when we are first born – we are still very much plugged into the universe, the whole of the cosmos. And as we live our nitty-gritty daily lives, changing out cat litter and buying milk, that connection becomes clouded because of all the interference in our minds, but as that interference goes away we start connecting back to the “bigger picture”.

Here I am looking into his eyes, which is another thing – all baby parts have a very specific baby quality to them, but not the eyes. A person’s eyes always look the same (unless they have some kind of degenerative disease that makes the eye more cloudy, etc) – you can not tell a person’s age just from their eyes (not talking about the skin around the eyes). Eyes truly are the window to the soul and our souls are ancient. So – I’m looking into his eyes, and seeing distant galaxies and exploding stars in them, amazed at how he knows so little about our world and yet already knows all the important things and can feel on the highest and purest of levels, and he’s looking back at me with just as much wonder and marvel. It’s incredible.

And it makes sense – in this moment right now he has all the potential energy of the universe in him. He can be absolutely anything, from a jobless 40 year old in my basement to the president of the world. Every life possibility lies within him, and that is why babies are so special.

People don’t like getting older not because they age, or time passes, or what not. It’s because the amount of possibilites open to us becomes smaller and smaller. Every choice we make cuts off a bunch of other choices and outcomes. Things we will never get to do.

Every baby born has a very high chance of becoming someone ordinary, someone with a regular job, stresses, reasons to be depressed, living a day-to-day life, etc. But every single baby also harbors the potential to be someone with a huge impact on the world, a Nobel Prize winner, an Olympic medalist, an innovative surgeon who’s work will lead to millions of lives saved. And that deserves respect. (so why the hell are we letting this country feed our kids absolute garbage?)


The main thing I want to teach my kids is how to be happy and not to lose sight of the truly important things. If they’re happy – I know they will make the world a better place.

Anti-vaxxers? Not up in here!

I’ve always had a strong personal stance on vaccines as you ought to know by now ;) but it was never to the point of – I’m not going to be friends with you if you chose not to vaccinate your kids, or – I will spend every waking moment trying to convince you to do so.

But now the general public, at least over here, is definitely getting its’ undies in a twist over this whole anti-vaxxers thing, and for a good reason I guess – this stuff is getting serious!

California is a beautiful and wonderful place to live but lately we’ve been in the news for some really scary business. You might have heard about the whooping cough outbreak we are still shook up about. Well, now we’ve got the measles. If you haven’t heard about it then you must truly be living under a rock, and I don’t know how you get wi-fi there so – … there’s no way you couldn’t have heard about it! There was a measles outbreak is DISNEYLAND of all places! (Personal statement – if you are choosing to be socially irresponsible and believe you are making the best decisions for your kid by not vaccinating – don’t bring your sick kid to a public place!!!!!!!) Disneyland is in SoCal, and we are in NorCal, I figured we were relatively safe. Yeah right!

Now – this is in the news. The story even made it to CNN. Some doofus rode the subway (BART) from San Francisco to 2 stops away from where we live, and he had measles. I remember there being a similar story with whooping cough a few months back. Ridiculous.

As you may be aware – I have a 2 month old, and last week we had to go on a flight with him. That was the most paranoid flight of my life. I was mentally sending curses to the guy behind me every time he coughed, making sure to stay hydrated just enough so that I would still have enough milk but didn’t have to use the bathroom, and sanitizing everyone’s hands every 5 minutes. I’m not really a germaphobe, but this is serious business! And let me confess something else to you – when I was planning out whom we would try to get together with on this trip – there were some people that I crossed out right away because I knew – they didn’t vaccinate their kids…

And apparently I’m not the only one. This has got so many of my online moms riled up to the max! There have been numerous posts and comment battles to the point of people leaving the groups because they couldn’t stand the negativity.

I’m just surprised it’s gotten this bad. Did you hear there are doctors’ offices that are telling their patients – “vaccinate or find a new pediatrician“?

And apparently now these non-vaccinating parents are getting another great idea – “measles parties” – so that their kids can actually get the disease and hopefully develop immunity to it.