Niko’s pictionary

These little kids. They learn so much. At times it’s frightening. But most of the time it’s just plain entertaining to see how their brains work, so – I wanted to share some of my entertainment with you and give you a peek at Niko’s pictionary:

1. I’m not sure if he knows what coffee actually is, except that it is something that daddy has in his cup on weekend mornings. He knows that not every cup contains coffee, and daddy’s cup is not from Starbucks, yet whenever he sees this anywhere, no matter how small or how big:

he always points to it and says coffee!

2. This one kind of makes me feel like a bad mom, but I can’t not share because I think it’s awfully clever. The other day he pointed to this:

and said “chicken”. Quite a feat since he’s recently gotten confused and started calling all kinds of chips (like pita chips ;) and popcorns etc) – chicken, instead of “chip”. But he seems to be getting back on the right track. And he uses the word for chicken in cooked and live-in-a-picture form, so – perhaps he gets it?

3. He knows that music notes in any configuration/color/etc = music. And if he pushes that button be it on a phone, ipad or anywhere else – he’s gonna hear his jams.

Papa has a Pebble (one of those watches that connects to your phone via bluetooth, perks of living in the Bay Area ;)) and papa was seriously freaking out today because he thought his little boy could read when he started playing music from his watch on his phone… Turns out – there’s a little note symbol next to the word “music” in the menu. Oh papa… =)

4. In Niko’s mind this:

equals this:  equals this: 

That last one is actually a hexagonal crystal structure of hydrogen that he discovered on his periodic placemat today! I knew it would pay off! =)

It all gets labeled the Dutch word for windmill (molen) which from his mouth often sounds like mama… It can get pretty confusing at times!

5. It seems as if he knows numbers from letters. He recognizes the number 5 in things with impressive accuracy. I don’t know why, but it seems to be his favorite number… probably because of all the high fives. =) And he sometimes gets some of the other numbers as well.

6. He knows the symbol for a phone, no matter how you put it, spin it, hide it, or color it. He will find it. And he will keep yelling it out until you see what he’s talking about. He’s kind of intense like that. And it seems to be getting more and more intense with a lot of these things. Sometimes he will grab my finger and point to where he’s talking about.

I guess I’m just too slow for him =(

Not my fault I didn’t have Baby Einstein toys when I was little!

Mom thoughts: Guinness

I wonder what percentage of Guinness’s customer base is made up by nursing mothers… =)

(Is anyone else out there watching Orange is the New Black? How that new momma freaked out because she thought he brought her the wrong beer for her milk supply ;)

Hearing about this connection for the first time? Read some more here! Obviously there isn’t going to be any scientific study every conducted on whether drinking beer makes you produce more milk… But hey, nursing moms gotta have something, right?

Live ultrasound

Ok, so – no secret, I watch the Bachelorette. =)

And tonight is the “Men tell all”, although they weren’t on this season, they brought a couple from a few seasons back that have been married for a while and are actually pregnant! She’s due October 7th, and they did this super dramatic “live ultrasound” in the studio, to reveal to the audience the gender of the baby.

I’m sorry but – it was just too funny. The whole time I was thinking – what if they actually did that at your actual ultrasound – with this super dramatic music, a solid background heartbeat sound. And the technician being – I’m sorry, is there another word for dramatic? – saying – OK… Mom, dad.. You. Are. Having. A…………….BOY!  And all the nurses clapping in the hallway..

Oh man =)

Cracks me UP!

Also for those that might have seen it – what was Ashley wearing? Is that like a special ultrasound pregnancy dress? =)

Momthoughts: cow milk

Babe and I are both sick and have been downing gallons of milk (warm for him, hot for me with butter & honey… My fav!) and here’s my thought-
You know those people that think drinking cow’s milk is gross and how we’re the only animal that drinks another mammal’s milk? Well, maybe that’s just because no other animal thought of drinking cow’s milk? Or – cows don’t let others have their milk? We’ve just found a way to their hearts and udders (before overdomesticating them and sticking them on those horrible farms, etc).
But – cats drink milk too! My dog likes some of the white stuff too, though I seriously suspect he’s lactose intolerant!

A mom prison?

I definitely wouldn’t equate being a stay-at-home mom to being in prison, but I will also not deny that THIS LIST is absolutely hilarious!!!
Mainly because I, too, have indulged in the Orange is the New Black show. (though I’m not sure if I’m going to watch the 2nd season because it seriously depresses me). Perhaps now I can see it in a whole new light. Like the part when Crazy Eyes pees on the floor just staring at Piper.. I can relate to that one! :)

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