Bahama mama through the ages

This is Princess Diana, in 1982, in the Bahamas, 6 months pregnant.


(sorry, don't know the source, just a pic that came up through a Google search on my phone)

And here’s me. Also 6 months pregnant, 32 years later, on a neighboring Island.


As you can see – in princess Di measurements I should at least be having triplets… At least!

I don’t get it… Did she not devour cookies by the dozen as well? Or is it all the hormones they put in our food these days?

Regardless, I think this is pretty cool – we’re kind of twins! Kind of… This is probably the closest I will ever come to being anything like her! Though – she was a fantastic mother and brought up two great boys so – I’m not about to stop trying! (to be more like her, that is)


One of the downsides of being a parent (especially a stay at home one) – when you finally get to enjoy some pre-planned kiddo free time – all you do is miss your babe… And you usually miss them way more than they miss you!

That being said – going off on a week long vacation, fellas! A heart wrenching, baby free (except for the ones you smuggle inside) vacation.

See you all L-ATER!
But in the mean time – I would love to hear how your potty training is going or what your potty training questions are!

Let me clarify

I don’t know if you guys are kidding… I hope so. But there seems to be so many of you with the same thought that I’m going to go ahead and clarify for you who that belly belongs to in the picture that’s all about Niko wearing a “big brother” shirt.

No, my husband did not get a second wife who is now pregnant. Neither do we have a surrogate mother… And that wasn’t a prank. =)

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My ultimate pregnant lady gift package

This could also double as the perfect gift for someone suffering from obesity, I guess…

1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Nothing beats a mini-fridge- nightstand. My only concern is – I remember how loud the mini fridge we had in our dorm room was, I’m hoping technology has come much further now. If you know me, you can bet yourself I’ve been eyeing this little number for years:

While not as big as I would’ve liked (no way to fit a whole chicken int here…) you can totally fit some cheese, yogurt, milk, fruit, etc! And not only can it keep stuff cold – it can also warm it up! (Now, I am a little confused as to how the warming function works here, but – the idea is cool!) They also have mini fridges made to look more like night stands, someone else is thinking about the same thing out there!!!

2. This one is like a home with a toddler must have: a tiny hand vacuum to get crumbs out of the bed! Or better yet – you know how they have table cloths? They should make bed-cloths. And I’m not talking like sheets, this would be specifically for eating, so I don’t have to wash my sheets 3 times a week because there’s strawberry juice on them. (I sound like a total pig, don’t I?)

3. A whole pie. But, let’s call it an “assorted” pie – where each slice is a different flavor, because – I don’t know what I’m going to want (yes I do – pecan!)

4. Someone needs to come up with something to prevent leg cramps! As I get bigger – I’m terrifying of stretching more and more because they just keep getting more frequent =(

5. A gift card for at least 4 months worth of pedicures!

A personal masseuse with a special massage table wouldn’t hurt either but – I’ll stop it here.


What were you wishing you had during your pregnancy? Or what whacky thing made it easier for you?


Potty training discoveries

Pull-Ups has taken my potty training dilemmas to heart and offered me some of their training pants to try out! Huge thanks to them and read on for our experiences.

Let’s face it, potty training a kid is kind of bigger than planning a wedding. Sure, less people are involved but – potty training really is for life, whereas so many people are getting re-married these days. Plus, I think if someone were to have to wear diapers their whole life – that would cost more than an average wedding, no? Well, now I have some hope and much more determination!

Mom, I sense you're up to something, I'm not sure what... but I don't think I like it!

Mom, I sense you’re up to something, I’m not sure what… but I don’t think I like it!

Since my last post:

1) we’ve had a serious peeing session into the potty (yaaaay!)


2) I’ve discovered this awesome website: The Big Kid Academy from Pull-Ups and now feel like I have some much more realistic expectations, know what I’m dealing with a little better and feel like I’ve got a plan of attack!

So, let me tell you the nitty-gritty about this place because it’s definitely worth at least a peek.

You sign up, it’s free, put in some info and they start giving you totally manageable chunks of pertinent information based on if you’re trying to potty train a boy or a girl and where you are in your potty training journey. It makes it so much less overwhelming! There’s a community of parents on there that you can get advice from (or dish out your own once you become a pro ;)) You can even sign up for their informational emails.



I’ve already learned so much, for instance:

  • on average kids take about 8 months to master the potty
  • kids begin potty-training on average around 28-30 months
  • peeing on the potty is much easier to master than #2

I’ve had it all backwards, guys! I thought I was doomed – not only had I NOT been holding my newborn over toilets and bathtubs to the sounds of running water, I also had no interest in spending 3 days cooped up at home, playing the “no pants” game and mopping up pee. Turns out – there’s hope! We just have to take it slow and easy. I had also started getting a little discouraged because I began with using some other training pants, but – they weren’t very absorbent, seemed to be really tight, I couldn’t tell if he was wet or not since they didn’t swell up like regular diapers, we were having leaks at night, etc.

There is even a quiz in The Big Kid Academy from Pull-Ups to help determine whether your child is ready for potty training, wouldn’t be much of an Academy without quizzes, huh? ;)

And I was really excited to see that they offered training pants specifically for night time, with extra absorbency, since that was an issue I was starting to have. And they also glow in the dark! And they even have ones that turn cool when peed into (the Cool Alert) which makes total sense because whenever they pee into a diaper – it’s warm and kind of nice. But with real clothes – it turns cold and gross. This way you get the “reality experience” without piles of laundry and a professional upholstery cleaning service to find! You can check all of these out here, under “products”. But the best part is – you don’t have to put in any product codes, or actually buy the stuff to get access to the Academy, like I mentioned – it is totally free! But in case you do want to get the training pants – there are some coupons on the site! And there is a free app for Android and Apple with fun games and activities and a potty timer!

Perfect for this thing, if you’ve got one:


As for our Pull-Ups, they’ve been working out great!

I love that they’re easy to put on/take off when he’s standing up! He doesn’t have to stop his play. And with my big belly it’s getting hard to get him up on that changing table, and he always kicks me if I try to lie him down. No thanks!

And also – big plus to them for labeling the back, not to point any fingers, but – I’m sure some parents may have a hard time and have ended up putting on numerous diapers/training pants backwards ;), well – no excuses any more!

Look at this content young man in his fresh new pair of Pirate Jakes!

Look at this content young man in his fresh new pair of Pirate Jakes!

I also like how they have disappearing designs on the front!  If we’re at home – he’s usually not wearing pants anyway (we’ve hit that undressing phase… plus – it’s easier for potty access!) and now I can easily tell if he’s still dry or not. And if after some time he still is, and the money is still there (he’s also excited about money right now – likes playing with coins, and says “mmooooneeey” all excited – like a little goblin, [because you know - goblins go crazy for gold] or Mr Krabbs) – I can use it as an opportunity for an attempt at the potty!

All in all – feeling pretty good about this potty training thing! The frustrations I’ve had with training pants before are now gone, and I feel like I have a course of action and a place of support for tracking my progress and troubleshooting whatever issues we might encounter.

Again, huge thank you to Pull-Ups for sponsoring today’s post and helping me start to Potty Train with the Big Kid Academy!!