Birth story 2.0 intro

I gave life! I gave birth… I made a whole baby, from start to finish and I even pushed him out the appropriate exit!

Sorry for not officially sharing with you guys sooner, technically I did on instagram ;) but you know… I’ve been trying to sleep, eating, feeding.. Feeding.. Managing to shower even! ;)

I still go through periods of “I can’t believe I have two sons!”, but to be fair – I just finally started getting used to the thought that I have a kid..

Mr. Lukas (Luka) has his birthday on December 5th, 10 days before his actual due date. My birthday is on a 5th, so I was secretly deep inside hoping he would be that early, but I knew my chances were slimmer than what my pre-pregnancy waist seemed to me by week 36.

And my poor brother in law… He even Googled vbac because of my instagram hashtag.. :) but at least it wasn’t for nothing ;)

Towards the last weeks, my worries about how am I going to handle 2 kids, and will I be robbing my first one of important momma love a 2-3 year old desperately needs? How will I give them as much attention as I want to?… They started to fade as I began to accept that things will sort themselves out and no point in worrying about it since – can’t do anything about it anyway… For the first time my mind was finally freed up to wonder – what’s this guy going to look like?? How similar and how different is he going to be from his brother? Will he look more like me or like dad?? But I hardly got to dwell on this, since labor tackled me from around the corner.
And now, in these first few weeks, my mind still can’t absorb it! It can’t absorb how cute this little guy is, while at the same time get over the fact that there’s some little foreign person I’ve never seen before all over my boob! Can’t absorb how he’s got a little something of me, a little something of dad and is soooo much like his brother (Omg! Brooother! What the heck! :)) but at the same time – so different! (back to the strange foreign little man in our house)

So bottom line for today is – I couldn’t be happier! I feel like I’ve gone through a very very weird life portal –  I’ve got all the things I’ve wanted in life and now I can spend the rest of my time enjoying them :)
Hopefully it’s not just a hormone thing that will turn into the pumpkin of “what the heck did I get myself into!?”


P.S. Don’t worry, birth story with all the deets – coming later! So if you’ve got some specific questions – send em over! ;)

Life shorts

(as in short stories from life lately)

1. Is it super rude if – when someone at the grocery store points at my belly and squeals – “you’re about to pop!” “any day now!” or,  I’ve even gotten one of – “were you do yesterday?” I reply with a – “Oh wow! Thanks! I hadn’t noticed!”

2. One morning this week I woke up to my mom (who is here with us to help us out, bless her!) telling my dad on the phone that apparently their iPhones have a built in flash light and this is how you get to it – because Niko discovered that feature for her :))
3. also, now all our devices are password protected and we’ve learned that you can put the ipad into airplane mode from the lock screen (that was a hilarious discovery)
4. Today my mom asked me if it’s possible to turn off screen rotation on the ipad or if Niko broke that somehow..

Each one of us is learning something new every day. :)

We’ve been doing laundry non stop all week (when I say we I mean my mom, bless her again!) because we have A LOT of baby stuff! But it’s all finally coming together very well! I am definitely feeling accomplished!
Now if only the weather would get better so we could do that maternity photoshoot before there’s no maternity going on anymore.


Loads of love to you all!

Secrets of Infant Sleep part 2

Remember when I started sharing with you some of the wonderful information I learned at the Gold Perinatal Seminar this year on infant sleep? Let’s continue!

Topic for today: breastfeeding and infant sleep.

Turns out – lots of people sleep with their babies, despite the stigma society is throwing on it. And you know why? Because biologically – that’s what we’re meant to do! How else could we possibly survive, if human milk is digested fairly quickly and babies become hungry so often throughout the night? This whole babies sleeping in their own cribs from birth thing is a relatively recent movement.

And studies have shown that there is a link between breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Mothers who breastfeed are more likely to co-sleep, and co-sleeping turns out to be very conducive to breastfeeding!

“70-80% of breastfed babies sleep with their mother or parents some of the time in the early months, and many studies have found that mothers and babies who bed-share breastfeed for much longer than those who sleep apart.” (Read more here!)

“Although it is not possible to say that bed-sharing causes women to continue breastfeeding it seems likely that a positive feedback loop exists, and the two behaviours are mutually reinforcing: bed-sharing facilitates frequent feeding which supports milk supply, while breastfeeding introduces oxytocin into the mother’s blood and milk, reducing mothers’ blood pressure (Jonas et al 2008) and inducing sleep for both mother and infant (Stuart-Macadam & Dettwyler 1995; Hrdy 1999). Bed-sharing breastfeeding mothers cope more easily with frequent night time feeds, getting more sleep and continuing to breastfeed for longer.” (Read more here!)

It must be said (as it was in the presentation and every possible scrap of co sleeping material you come across) – do NOT share the bed with baby if you or whoever else is in the bed is under the influence of anything. You probably don’t want to be breastfeeding your baby in that case either – if you are the one that is under the influence. So – make smart choices!

And here is a great informative pamphlet on bed sharing with your baby, and the risks and benefits of that choice – if you’re looking for more information and trying to decide if it’s something you want to do.

I am definitely not telling you you should go one way or another! It’s your choice! I just want to make sure that everyone is safe and you have as much of good information as possible! Personally – we co-slept with our first son and I am definitely going to bed share with my second at least for the first few months. Because it is exhausting! (Am I right?) And then my plan is to room-share but get him used to sleeping by himself. But – you know how these kids are. You plan on one thing, and they still end up doing what they want!

If you want some more info – please, let me know!

And next time I’ll tell you about sleep training and what science has to say about that.

Here’s our little guy sleeping when he was just 2 months old =)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish I had some beautiful post to share with you guys, with pictures of impeccable holiday decor, adorable little creations crafted by the tiny hands of my 2 year old, homecooked seasonal foods that are filling our house with their festive aroma. But you know what – this isn’t Pinterest! =) If that’s what you want – head on over there!

The truth is – now, when I do sleep – I have terrifying baby nightmares that I don’t even dare speak out loud about. And when I’m supposed to be asleep – I’m freaking out about all the baby things I haven’t done yet, and exhausting what’s left of my mental capacities trying to figure out what name we should go with.

On top of that I still can’t forget that Christmas is coming up, and I LOVE putting together gifts!

A few days ago I realized it might be a good time to order some ham and turkey for the big day… Cuz you know – I sure ain’t cooking… Well – either the 2 blocks of people lined up and around the shop had the same idea, or they actually had the idea at an appropriate time and were already picking up their food. (Yikes!) (Since originally composing this – I went and stood in that line the next day and scored us some super delicious turkey and ham and felt very proud of myself for holding out for the 2 hours!!)

Here’s our table!

I figured it out – they’ve crammed all these extra festive holidays into the winter months to combat seasonal depression. Who’s got time to notice that it’s getting dark earlier when you’re running from the kitchen to the dining table and then straight out to shopping for gifts?! We were just discussing with hubby-man how when it’s dark and cold – rather than feeling like it’s dark and cold, it’s *exciting* because the holiday spirit is in the air!

So happy holidays, guys! Aren’t they better with family! ;)

Potty training update

In a way – we are still far from being fully done with potty training, but in another way I feel like we have already succeeded.

Before we began – here’s what potty training looked like to me: for a few days in a row you make the kid sit on the potty until something comes out. They automatically realize “oh, this is what it feels like to go to the bathroom, and that other feeling is what it feels like to WANT to go to the bathroom. So whenever I want to go, I just come here, do these steps, and go and then I’ll be a big kid. Yay!” And then you never have to bring the subject up with them again…

Naive. I KNOW! =)

And this is where we are now – We have a reminder that is very exciting for little Niko, and it lets him know – it’s time to potty. And usually we have to coax him a bit into going over to the potty, and to make sure he’s done trying to do all his business. And then he’s all excited because he gets to flush and wash his hands. Some days he has actually gone over and sat down by himself! And now he usually will pee before and after his nap into the potty – leaving his diaper completely dry!! =)

What are our tricks of the trade? Simple. I read somewhere – one of the biggest problems is – kids don’t want to stop their play to go to the bathroom. So we got this:

Potty time potty watch

The Potty Watch

The first day we just let him play with it so he could enjoy the music and wear it on his wrist like a big boy, but we also started making the connection – music = time to potty. And now we have it hanging on the wall above the potty. He hears it from everywhere. Stops what he’s doing. Gasps and says POTTY!!! =) Now if that’s not success – I don’t know what is! Side note: yes, it only has 3 starts on Amazon. I think that’s ridiculous. This is my blog, I will say it – people complaining about it are just stupid. Read the instructions!!!! =) It has it in there how to turn the watch on, off, set different timers, etc. It is NOT that hard. The end. The watch also comes in green and pink. And when it plays a little tune (every 30, 60 or 90 minutes) – it has 3 lights around the display that blink.

And the other tool that we used came from my most recent book & class, he has a little potty chart. And when he successfully completes all the steps and comes back with washed hands – he gets to pick a sticker to put on the chart. Now – he doesn’t really care about the chart that much, I must say. I guess he’s still too little and not all that into stickers. But now he forever associates Elmo with the potty. Oops. =)

And the last thing, which I think is the ultimate secret to our success – is daddy’s excitement about the whole thing. If daddy didn’t make running over to the potty seem so fun – I’m not sure we would have made this much progress. And every time daddy comes home from work -we show him our potty chart and tell him how we did, so I think little man is slowly starting to get more interested in the chart for that reason.

Things we still have to work on: the diapers and pull-ups are still too hard for him to get on/off by himself. And he has this one quirk – he has to take his pants (and socks) completely off before he can proceed with his business… =)